Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Giving Up

Today is, for many people, the start to a 40-day season of sacrifice. That's right, I'm talking about Lent. I was raised Catholic, and while I don't identify with any particular religion at this point in my life, I still tend to either give something up or add something positive to my life during Lent. I see it as an exercise in self-discipline, among other things.

This time, I'm giving up soda--hopefully for good, not just for 40 days. I'll admit that I'm super lazy, and if I can quickly grab a can of soda rather than pour myself a glass of water (or take the time to mix a flavor powder into a bottle of water), I'll do it. It used to be just diet soda, but I've recently begun drinking non-diet things, as well, when a diet version of the flavor I want isn't available.

I do this knowing how horribly unhealthy soda is, how it's full of all kinds of crap, and how it makes me crave other sweet things.

That stops now. Six weeks without soda will be very beneficial. I'll drink more water, which will keep me hydrated and energized. I'll consume less chemicals and such via the soda itself. And it'll hopefully cut back on my sugar cravings.

I'm also going to add a habit into my life during this season. Each day in my email I receive Mahin's "Daily Bellydance Quickies," in which Mahin spotlights a difference bellydance-related topic each day. Some days focus on musicality and videos of performances, while other days focus on technique and practice. In an effort to improve my own skills (and to be able to tell my teacher that yes, I am practicing!), I will practice each technique-related tidbit I get in my daily email. In addition, on the days that spotlight music or videos, I will go back in my email archives and find another technique to practice.

I'm terrible with transitions in writing, so onward we go. I've been getting a lot of exercise in lately, due to the fact that I made a friend a few weeks ago who has lost 90-ish pounds already and is now the same weight as I am. We talk food, weight loss, exercise, she comes to belly dance class now, and we've gone to several other classes together (zumba and piloxing). It's great to have a buddy in this. It makes things more fun, and I'm held more accountable. For example, we went to Eat n Park for dinner last night, and while I usually choose something not so unhealthy from the menu there, I was especially conscious of my choices because my friend was there, and I didn't want to look bad haha

I was supposed to go rock wall climbing with some people this afternoon, and while I was uncertain last night when I agreed to go, I really psyched myself up for it today. And then my car didn't start. Since I had the day off work and my parents had to go in separate directions this morning, I was left with my old car, which is basically a "just in case" car. I tried for 20 minutes to get that thing started, and it just didn't happen. I had to cancel on my friends because even though my mom was on her way home, I wouldn't have been able to meet them in time.

Honestly, I was more upset about it than I really should have been. I cried (though I tried not to let my mom hear on the phone), just because I was so frustrated. I actually had plans, I have friends to go out with, I was looking forward to it, and then my plans were ruined. But really, did I need to cry over it like a baby? Yeah, girl week is coming up in a few days, and that makes me a bit more emotional, but never this bad. The only explanation I have is that I've been so highly strung and stressed out recently, I just needed to cry.

Oh, and my mom was able to start the car on the first try when she got home. Go figure.

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