Tuesday, January 3, 2012


I've got a renewed motivation, I'm revising my plan, I've revamped my blog, and now it's time for my upgrade.

Why a blog, again? Because it helps. When I was blogging, I weighed less (for various reasons, of course), and I was more mindful of what was going into my mouth, as well as how much activity I was doing.

I'm not one to make New Year's resolutions. January 1st is just another day, to me, and while I know others see a new year as a fresh start, I just think it's silly to wait until a particular day to start to change my life. If something is worth doing, it's worth starting now. (You'd never be able to tell, just by that statement, that I'm actually a horrible procrastinator.)

I wasn't sure if I should get a new blog all together or just redecorate this one and delete my old entries, etc. My decision came down to this: I didn't care to open another account or get another log-in name or URL to remember. So here you have it.

I'm at the end of my second day off of three in a row, and I'm quite thankful that I decided to take my paid holiday off, rather than just have the extra paid hours added onto the 5 days I would normally work this week.

Tonight will be spent writing out a plan of attack. Good stuff.

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  1. Ha! Too funny. I re-named my blog to Tammy 2.0 when I wanted to restart things a while back. That didn't work so well, so the restart is really happening now. Good luck with your healthy changes, I will be following along!