Monday, January 16, 2012

Rock Star

Guess what I did tonight?

After months of being fairly inactive, aside from dance classes, occasional walks, and being on my feet all day at work, I took a 30 minute core class. And a 60-minute Piloxing (Pilates + kickboxing) class.

I also joined the Rock Star Challenge at You Rock Fitness, a fitness center run by a friend of mine. We were divided into two teams of 9(ish), and I love my teammates already. They were so fun! We all set our goals and, over the next 10 weeks, we hope to lose 98 pounds between the 9 of us.

My personal goal was not related to pounds or the number on the scale. I'm currently between a size 16 and a size 18. My goal is to be a size 12/14 by the end of March. Totally doable.

We also had our first challenge tonight. We'll have one each week. This week, we had a deck of playing cards, all mixed up, and a corresponding list with each card in a random order. We had to trot through a rope ladder on the floor, run across the dance floor, do 10 jumping jacks, look through the deck and find our card, run back, do 10 more jumping jacks, and trot through the ladder again. We had to do this enough times to get through the entire deck of cards, and they had to be in the order they were listed on the paper we were given. My team won! Granted, there was some (okay, a lot) of cheating by both teams, which obviously doesn't benefit our physical health in any way, but it was super-fun for everyone, and it was good for team-building. :-)


  1. That Rock Star challenge sounds way fun! And it's also awesome that you are blogging! :) Missed them. And you most of all! <3

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